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What Is League Bowling?

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking back to your seat after you have just knocked down all ten pins with your first ball.

Bowling is full of entertainment featuring glow in the dark bowling, a giant screen playing the latest videos and music and, of course, good food and drink.

League Bowling
League bowling is a great way to get the most out of bowling and there’s nothing like a bit of competition to turn those open frames or spares into strikes. Whether you are a sportsperson, an office worker or a housewife, league bowling is a fantastic way to relax, meet new friends and enjoy a new sport.

The Right League
You don’t have to be a top athlete or sportsperson to join a bowling league. In fact, most league bowlers average somewhere between 100 and 140 pins per game.

At Aspley, there’s a league to suit bowlers of all abilities. Each league is different and has its own personality. They range from the very competitive with large prize funds to the social that just have fun. Our league teams are made up of people from many different backgrounds. New bowlers should have no difficulty in finding a team and league that fits their ability and interest.

Aspley also has Senior and Junior ranging from tiny bumper to teenagers and Disabled Leagues.
The choice of yours.

You can sign up with a friend or form  an entire team of your own. If you’re going solo, our staff will be only too happy to help you find a league that’s right for you.

Generally, there are four bowlers per team with each bowler bowling three games. This format should take about 2 hours to complete.
However, we also have leagues made up of singles, doubles, triples & five man teams.
This format can vary for different leagues.

League bowling has adopted a system of handicapping similar to golf. This is designed to make league bowling more competitive between teams and individuals of varying skill levels.

Most handicap leagues use a bonus pin method so individual bowlers and their respective teams receive bonus pins each week based on their personal level of proficiency. Leagues that do not use a handicapping system are called scratch leagues.

Fees and Prizes
Most leagues collect fees each week and use the money to hold an end of season dinner where they present both individual and team prizes.

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